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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy


Physical therapy for pain management is a great way to treat the core issue or cause of the pain. The pain relief isn't immediate as some of the other pain treatments, however, when used in conjunction it can bring tremendous benefit to the patient. Often times the patient is required to come for several visits and perform at-home exercises.
What We Do:
Not only do we just treat pain, but also its source. We identify the areas of stiffness or weakness and treat these areas with certain exercises to increase mobility and ease your pain.
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Benefits of

Treats Root Cause

Many times a pinched nerve can cause chronic pain. With physical therapy, the goal is to improve your blood and nerve flow. Your nerves and blood vessels travel through your muscles and getting the fluid movement and mobility back via physical therapy work at relieving your chronic pain tremendously.

Little To No Side Affects

The side effects could be improved mood, weight control, blood pressure, and sleep. Generally, the only negative side effect of physical therapy for pain management is soreness and many times this is your muscles undergoing a transformation. 

Physical Therapy is Backed By Research

Countless studies have shown that physical therapy for chronic pain management is a safe and effective method. Physical therapy is great at achieving optimal results and patients outcomes.

Doesn't Require Medication

Using physical therapy for pain management allows you to focus on the root cause of the pain and make your joints, ligaments, and muscles stronger. Instead of using medication to mask the pain, you are proactively working on a solution!

Physical Therapy Can Treat

Here are some of the common pain conditions that physical therapy can treat. Dr. Ormond reviews each case separately and find the best pain management solution.
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