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At Atlas Pain Specialists we work with patients to help alleviate pain with the help of Medication. We try to find the right solutions on a patient-to-patient basis.
What is Medication


Medications play a critical role in the treatment of various pain-related issues. The right medication can reduce or eliminate symptoms and significantly improve a patient’s quality of life.
What We Do:
Medication management is a service that involves the initial evaluation of a patient's need for medications, the facility of a prescription, plus ongoing medical monitoring in relation to the patient's use of the prescribed medications. The goal of Medication management is to ensure that patients get the desired outcomes that the medication has to offer. This includes monitoring and reconciling medications and requires a thorough review of prescribed drugs and their possible side effects. A treatment plan is created and closely monitored to ensure safety and efficacy.
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Pill planner that helps with medication management and prescription management

Why Is Medication Management Important?

Studies have shown that improper medication management has resulted in an increase in overall health care costs and has lowered the overall sense of well-being with the patients. 
Did You Know? 50% of patients living in the U.S. don't take their prescribed medications correctly. Also, almost 33% will never get their first prescription filled at all.
Adverse Reactions: Around 700,000 patients will end up in the emergency room from adverse reactions to their medications.
Costs: Improper use of medications results in an estimated cost of $290 billion per year!

Benefits of Medication

Better Results

The population in America is growing older.  The U.S. census has revealed that 15.4 percent of people living in Arizona are 65 years or older, which is slightly larger than the national average. As the elder population continues to grow in Arizona, it is important that the quality of medication management continues to grow as well!

Less Stress

With our medication and prescription management, you will be able to relax knowing that your prescriptions will be distributed and taken correctly. There will be no second-guessing because you will get the medications you need, on time, every single day. If you have any questions then we are a phone call away!

Manage Costs

Medication Management is an important tool for ensuring optimal results as well as helping you indirectly manage your healthcare costs.  Patients benefit from saving money spent on related healthcare costs like emergency room visits and hospital stays.

Reduced Illnesses and Deaths

This is the most important benefit of medication management.  When a proper treatment plan is created for a patient then the likelihood of mistakes is reduced dramatically. A proper treatment plan reduces medication noncompliance or drug interactions.
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Opioid Statement
Atlas Pain Specialists has a policy regarding the prescribing of controlled substances. Each patient will be evaluated on an individualized basis and some may not be a candidate for chronic opiate therapy.

In order to protect your health, patients are monitored closely for possible addiction, abuse, and diversion. This monitoring may include follow-up office visits, urine drug screening, and the sharing of medical records between your physicians and your pharmacies.

Atlas Pain Specialists reserves the right to determine if we will take over the prescribing of controlled substances from other providers on a case by case basis.

Patients should not expect to receive a prescription for a controlled substance at your first visit.
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