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Nerve Blocks

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At Atlas Pain Specialists we work with patients to help alleviate pain with the help of Nerve Blocks. We try to find the right solutions on a patient-to-patient basis.
Woman doctor about to perform a nerve block
What Are Nerve Blocks


Neural blockades (Nerve Blocks), are pain management procedures that prevent or manage many different types of pain. They have often targeted injections of medicines that block the pain from specific nerves. They are for pain relief or for a diagnostical procedure to find out the source of pain.  One of the most well-known nerve blocks is an epidural, which is when an anesthetic is injected near the spinal column.
What We Do:
Nerve blocks are performed by guiding a needle with a fluoroscope, ultrasound, or CT scan to the pain-affected area and anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving drugs are injected around the affected nerves or group of nerves. Alternatively, the physician can use low-level electrical stimulation to identify the nerve causing pain. 

What is Nerve Pain & Why Choose Nerve Blocks?

Studies have shown that almost 16 million Americans suffer from chronic neuropathic pain. Nerve pain can show up in specific areas or affect your whole body. Nerve blocks are an effective pain management technic to either relieve your nerve pain or pinpoint the source of pain.
Long-Lasting Relief. Each case is different, however nerve blocks can provide long-lasting pain relief.
Minimally Invasive: No surgery is required and is generally an outpatient procedure.
Fast: This procedure typically takes 30 minutes or so. No staying overnight in a hospital.
Woman with nerve pain that needs a nerve block
An image to represents pain that a nerve block could benefit

Pain Types Nerve Blocks Treat

Here are some of the common pain types that nerve blocks can treat. Dr. Ormond reviews each case separately and finds the best pain management solution for your pain type.
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